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Top 10 Water Activities To Do in Bali

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Looking to try out some cool water sports while you’re in Bali? If you are striving for a calming underwater ride or on the coast for some nerve-pumping action, Bali can thrill you and satisfy your thirst for adventure. With our Best Bali International Tour Packages, you can enjoy the best tour.

Top 10 Water Activities on Bali Tour Packages

1. Flying Fish

Bali Tour Packages

Flying fish is one of Bali’s more current and coolest types of water sports. Here, you are tied by a speedboat to an inflatable elastic vessel and hauled. As the vessel gets a move on and the ocean breeze kicks in, out of nowhere you’re maneuvered into the air and you’re getting airborne. You fly over the sea dangerously fast as the vessel moves about. It takes into consideration an intriguing ride.

2. Sea Walking

Bali Tour Packages

Experience the amphibian world by strolling upon this ocean bottom secured by corals, moving behind you with a crowd of sharks. Stayed with a cover that encourages you to inhale submerged, you plunge 20-25 meters down and investigate the regular marvels of the world. Eating pieces are now and again let free to pull in the fish and you can even take care of them by hand.

3. Jet Skiing

Bali Tour Packages

Skiing is among Bali’s most famous watersports. It lets you ride the waves dangerously fast. You simply need to sit on a mechanized stream ski and move it around like a bicycle.

Attempt water-skiing in the event that you need an all the more energizing adaptation of it. Remain on a ski board, and drag a speedboat around. Hold the rope firmly, the speedboat towing you around the sea. In case you’re tired of grasping the string, let it fall once in a while and experience a cool sprinkle in the water.

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4. Underwater Scooter

Bali Tour Packages

Need an alternate scuba experience? Bali’s submarine bike is one of the most one of a kind approaches to investigate the sea profundities.

It resembles your own special submerged submarine with handlebars much like riding submerged on a pontoon. Simply move the handlebar toward the path to which you wish to go, and press the catches to go further or quicker. The headgear you put on has high permeability with the goal that you can see everything unmistakably when you arrive at the shallow reefs.

The bike will ride up to 2km/hour velocities and 20-meter-profundity passage. Not at all like some other, it’s an experience and would make for a cool presentation picture. Need any further motivation to attempt this?

5. Banana Boat 

Bali Tour Packages

Several local and international visitors try out Bali banana boat trip tournaments every day. The banana boat can also accommodate six passengers and one specialist guide. The banana boat trip is like walking horseback — the banana boat towed by a speedboat along the beach coastline — normally the speedboat guided by a guide or two. If you join the Tanjung Benoa Beach banana boat ride, the duration is 15 minutes, for one round.

Traveling during Bali banana boat trips will admire the breathtaking landscape on Tanjung Benoa beach throughout the day with strong sunshine.

6. Rolling Donut 

Bali Tour Packages

Spice up your vacation in Bali with a fun and unique boat tour on the idyllic island’s pristine beaches. Join an inflatable, donut-shaped raft for exciting activities like Banana Boat, Jet Ski, and many more in the Tanjung Benoa.
The Donut Boat Bali is a perfect way to conquer the tropical heat of the island with a relaxing boat ride through the ideal waters.
You can choose for more water sports in Bali, with add-ons such as a jet ski and a banana boat ride along with a donut boat ride.

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7. Swimming With Sharks

Bali Tour Packages

Capture from the middle of nowhere in between the Bali Sea an incredible view of the island. Shark swimming can be a new experience on a vacation in Bali. This sport stimulates excitement and even fun with stingray & lively fishes to swim or snorkel. Other activities such as feeding shark, coral seeds, mangrove planting can also be experienced here. Book Bali Tour Packages today!

8. Scuba Diving

Bali Tour Packages

Without a scuba-diving experience, no trip to Bali is complete. The water is beautiful and the marine life is rich. The water is unbelievably blue. There’s a whole new world for you to immerse yourself in. Take absolute joy when gliding through the water in the midst of vivid corals and fish schools.
You are sure to be the highlight of your journey. You can do a comparable experience by trying snorkeling in shallow waters if you do not want to dive deep.

9. White Water Rafting

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Thrill rafting, an activity popular in Julia Roberts, Eat, Pray, and love, in the tearing waters of the Ayung and Telaga rivers.
The fastest are wild and the rivers are interesting and you will definitely cry out. The path is in the midst of dense green jungles and the views around the road are so spectacular that you are in the midst of an adventure.

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10. Surfing

Bali Tour Packages

Bali, irrespective of the background is the perfect way to navigate the waves. The Bukit Peninsula offers globally acclaimed surf spots such as Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang-Padang, and Uluwatu on the western part of the peninsula. You can surf on Kuta beach, where many surf schools have been developed if you are an utter beginner.

We offer you Bali Packages for an incredible water sporting experience in Bali.


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