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You Should Try Top 10 Arabian Dishes in Dubai

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Dubai Holiday PackagesAre you wondering what’s on your plate on your Dubai Holiday trip? Well! leave that task for us, we have got you the Top 10 Arabian dishes you should try on Cheap Dubai International Holiday Packages. Dubai cuisine brings a perfect blend of Arabic, Lebanese, and Iranian food for every kind of palate. Be it a food junkie inside or not, this delectable cuisine will give you a foodgasm. Whether you are a vegetarian or non- vegetarian, the destination has plenty to offer from the menu for every traveler. Take a look at the appetizing delights that will make you drool for sure.

Here is a list of Top 10 Arabian Dishes: –

1. Hummus

Dubai Holiday PackagesAre you fond of Hummus? The favorite dip is the staple food of almost every Middle Eastern spread. It is made of chickpeas paste, tahini or sesame paste, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice. The heavenly dip is best savored with pita bread (flatbread). Savor in Hummus, the most delicious Top 10 Arabian dishes You Should Try on Dubai Holiday Packages.

2. Labneh

Dubai Holiday PackagesAre you planning for Dubai Holiday? The Palatable dish, Labneh is waiting for you to try. The local food is made with strained yogurt and it is served as a dip to cool the hottest dishes. It is also one of the keys- ingredient’s to most of the Arabic dishes in the Middle- East.

3. Manakish

Dubai Holiday PackagesIf you haven’t tried Manakish, then this vacation you need to do the same. It is simple, flatbread, now more in pizza form is topped with cheese, minced meat, and zaatar. It is every time dish, you can try the dish for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Do not miss the Manakih, one of the tempting delicacies on your upcoming Dubai Vacation.

4. Tabbouleh

Dubai Holiday PackagesLike its name, the satisfactory dish is also one of a kind. It is the best dish for fitness freaks and health-conscious people. The light option is made up of wheat, chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes, and mint. The mouthwatering salad is a must-try thing on your Dubai Tour.

5. Fattoush

Dubai Holiday PackagesIt’s time to satisfy your taste buds with yummy Fattoush. One of the best vegetarian food is made up of fried or toasted bread with vegetables such as radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fruits like pomegranate. The dish is usually served as a starter and best enjoyed during lunch hours. Select your exclusive Dubai Vacation Packages and get wooed by the tasty dish on Dubai Holiday.

6. Falafel

Dubai Holiday PackagesYou are missing out on something important if you haven’t tasted falafel yet. The snack is a deep-fried ball made from ground chickpeas and spices. The flavorsome street food is best enjoyed with tahini sauce or one can eat it as a wrap too. The dish is definitely Top 10 Arabian dishes You Should Try in Dubai. Falafel, the authentic Arabian dish is our personal recommendation for you.

7. Shish Taouk

Dubai Holiday PackagesPlanning for Dubai vacation? You must note down the name of Shish taouk on your list. It is a heavenly traditional kebab marinated in spice mix and grilled in tandoor oven. It is best served with garlic dips. Usually, it is made up of chicken kebab but you can find it in lamb meat too. It is one of the Top 10 Arabian dishes You Should Try with our Cheap Dubai International Vacation Packages.

8. Shawarma

Dubai Holiday PackagesIndulge in the rich flavors of spices, juicy strips of chicken rolled into pita bread wrap along with fried, lettuce, and tahini sauce. Shawarma is a versatile treat, also available in juicy lamb and other varieties. The evergreen dish is my personal favorite Dubai among Arabian Dishes.

9. Umm Ali

Dubai Holiday PackagesZest for the best taste in Dubai with Umm Ali. The dish is the Egyptian version of English bread and butter pudding. The traditional dish has many modern variations too and it is best enjoyed with nuts. You can it warm or cold, the dish is equally tasty. Let’s gratify your stomach with Umm Ali, one of the Top 10 Arabian dishes You Should Try in Dubai.

10. Kunafa

Dubai Holiday PackagesAdding cheese to pudding is nothing new for us, but if you see big blocks of salty cheese in your pudding, that’s Kunafa. If you have a sweet tooth, the dish is definitely yes for you. If you are on the milder side, you can skip the sweet syrup part.

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