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Things to Do in Krabi Island, Thailand

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A destination in which every dawn is a flash of colors, where the majestic limestone mountains are left untouched, where you will be left lost for words by the infinite ranges of turquoise waters; that destination is Krabi. So if you ever need to get off the hustle-bustle of life for a bit and sit down to experience life in slow motion, Krabi is the place for you. If you are interested in Krabi Island? Book now Cheap Thailand Packages at the best prices.

1. Laze on the White Sandy Beaches

Things to Do in Krabi

Krabi provides a feeling of intimacy and relaxation, removed from the frustrating traffic and crowded tourist destinations, and it is the perfect place to escape. Vast stretches of stunning beaches and crystal blue seas including Railay Beach, Ao Nang beach, and Phi Phi Island. These shores, a favorite for lovers and families alike, are ideal for bathing in the warmth of sands against the landscape of the Andaman Sea. Krabi features several of Thailand’s most picturesque panoramic views, best appreciated at a patio or beachfront lounge. So roll your sleeves up, take out all those cameras and start clicking awesome beach photos.

2. Indulge in Crowd Free Shopping

Things to Do in Krabi

There are quite a variety of stores selling arts and crafts, swimsuits, jewels, artwork as well as other mementos, though shopping in Krabi may not be quite as extensive as Bangkok or Phuket. Ao Nang Market has lots of stores offering clones of top designer labels, and if you’re not adamant about standard or legitimacy, this place is perfect for you. Traditional Thai handmade crafts are the greatest worthy investment in Thailand and make it much easier to take home unique keepsakes. In the Krabi region, the vibrant night market atmosphere is very vibrant, and it is a fascinating insight into the regional people’s daily lives. Chao Fah Night Market and Krabi Walking Street Market are two of the famous places, from which you can purchase at discounted rates for a range of items and also taste authentic Thai cuisine.

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3. Explore Your Adventurous Side

Things to Do in Krabi

Adventure enthusiasts will enjoy many activities, such as canoeing, scuba diving, scuba diving, and rock climbing, against the scenery of a spectacular wilderness of sharp limestone peaks. Krabi, the host to a vast array of aquatic life, has exceptional surfing as well as scuba diving activities.

Not many tourists are informed but some of the most exquisite ancient cave art in Thailand is centered in Krabi. Reserving a kayaking trip is one of the easiest places to see them. You will be fascinated by the 238 examples of cave art featuring human beings, fish, crocodiles, and other creatures at Tham Phi Hua-Toh Cave. The soaring limestone rocks attract adventurers who come in search of thrill from around the world. Including over 700 climbs spanning crags, outcrops, and steep pocket walls, for solo travelers, clubs, and even families with children, rock climbing is certainly on the list of things to do in Krabi.

4. Relish Traditional Thai Cuisine

Things to Do in Krabi

If you are striving for a fine dining restaurant, a sidecar motorbike dinner, or a sidewalk vendor sandwich, Krabi’s food will please your cravings and leave you craving more. Being a coastal area, among the most wonderful seafood is to be found here. Do not frequent the ‘touristy’ restaurants and observe Thai culture at the nearby places first-hand.

5. Marvel at the Striking Natural Beauty

Things to Do in Krabi

For outdoor enthusiasts that come to visit the protected mangrove trees, caves and sheltered lakes and rivers, the rich flora and fauna of Krabi is a blessing. How many of you remember hearing of a Jacuzzi hot-tub in the center of a forest? You could take a swim in mother nature’s finest steam room at Krabi’s Hot Springs, locally referred to as Klong Thom. Explore nature close and personal and rejoice at the diverse types of birds in the backpacking camps, such as Thailand’s rarest pigeon, Gurney’s Pitta, and wild elephants.

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6. Enjoy Fun Activities with Kids

Things to Do in Krabi

Tired of designing castles in the sky (and the beach)? For families with young children, Krabi provides a variety of events. Although children can enjoy canoeing, mountain climbing, paddle boarding, boat trips, and even underwater diving, there are also other child-friendly opportunities around the destination. The little ones could see a range of sharks, dolphins, and ‘Nemos’ (anemonefish) at the ‘outdoor aquarium’ in Ao Nam Mao. There are a number of elephant parks and zoos a short distance from Krabi where you can connect with these magnificent creatures.

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