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Scuba Diving In Dubai

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Dubai is one of the world’s most common tourist attractions, and rightly so! With the whole city representing no less than man-made heaven, it is a location where architecture in the most synergistic equilibrium meets creation. Dubai is reputed to be a premium tourist spot. People from all over the world chose this town as their choice for celebrations, special events, holidays, and more. But go deeper into the city’s culture, beyond the luxurious resorts and the immaculate beaches, and there are a variety of sights in the Gulf off the Dubai coast waiting for you to discover. Scuba diving is an exceptionally rare encounter in Dubai.

This coastline provides something new for anyone that has never indulged in this activity previously, hardly anything like what you might have seen before. With growth being a constant in Dubai, the surrounding waters are very turbid. Impose the underwater density and waves to it, and the visibility of such waters becomes much weaker. Yet it functions miraculously in its favor! With most of the sites being debris fields, this glimmer to the waters brings a fresh feel to the diving world, something any diver wants to encounter. If you want to go to Dubai for scuba diving? Let’s go with us & Book Cheap Dubai International Tour Packages at the best prices. Hurry now!

4 Marine sites for scuba diving in Dubai

These underwater sites are a perfect option for scuba diving in Dubai if you are a dive enthusiast. An eye delight is the azure seas, vivid sea creatures, and corals. Try exploring the seas from a desert-renowned location.

1. Jumeirah Beach

Scuba Diving In Dubai

One of Dubai’s finest places for scuba diving, Jumeirah Beach provides smaller opportunities for rookies to see the gulf’s colorful marine life, as well as several shipwrecks for experienced adventurers to dive around. Since it is one of the more popular beaches as well, there are a range of companies providing gear and also technical advice.

2. Sharm Rock

Scuba Diving In Dubai

One of the two most stunning natural aquariums off the coast of Dubai, Sharm Rock is a bright, purple viewpoint. The fish species too, with a multitude of corals residing here, are exciting to observe, particularly for newcomers.

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3. Dubai World Islands

Scuba Diving In Dubai

One of the latest scuba diving spots on the west coast, the Dubai World Islands are a community of man-made islands with minor clusters of aquatic flora and fauna that are flourishing today. The surrounding areas have been well developed to stimulate their development, and it is reported that it will soon become one of the largest sites for scuba diving in the UAE.

4. Martini Rock

Scuba Diving In Dubai

The other popular aquarium is rock Martini. Diving in Dubai must include this location, since it is host to some of the most vivid marine species in the world, making it one of the most popular locations! And if you want to submerge yourself in the azure seas, then this would be the way to go.

6 Wreckage Sites For Scuba Diving In Dubai

These scuba diving places are perfect for you if you are the sort who loves getting a little bit of both. The crash sites deliver plenty of excitement evoking the divers’ memories. Find out how nature welcomes all that is given to it, be it a damaged plane. The cost of scuba diving at Dubai’s shipwreck sites typically begins from INR 5000 and varies mostly on the place and facilities you have available.

1. Sheikh Mohammad’s Barge

Scuba Diving In Dubai

There were several areas produced on the plan by sinking ships and barges, to promote reef development and other aquatic life off Dubai’s coast. One of them is Barge DB1 / Sheik Mohammad. It has a range of 18 to 23 meters

2. MV Victoria Star

Scuba Diving In Dubai

MV Victoria Star frequently referred to as the best diving experience in Dubai, is also one of the greatest diving locations in the UAE. It sunk in the year 2013, making it one of this side of the coast’s latest wrecks. Here the currents are average and visitors, particularly beginners, are advised to visit this site with a certified technician. It is at a depth of between 14 and 23 feet, so experienced divers could dive a few times to investigate the whole site.

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3. MV Dara

Scuba Diving In Dubai

Set in the waters 5 to 17 meters underwater, MV Dara is a 1961 passenger ship that sank to the sea. 238 Lives were thus lost. Not only does it act as a memorial to this tale, but it is also one of the relatively few ships that have been the subject of horrific collisions in peacetime. Because of this, it is often correlated with the Titanic.

4. MV Ludwig

Scuba Diving In Dubai

MV Ludwig is among the most well-preserved wrecks off the Dubai coast. When she was lying on her portside, during rehearsal sessions, this near to good ship plunged into the sea. Today it acts as a refuge for species of fish such as lakes, sea squirts and pennant shrimp, and many others.

5. Mariam Express

Scuba Diving In Dubai

Engulfed in 2006 by the raging seas, Mariam Express was a ferry that used to fly back and forth from the UAE to Iraq. The heavy winds were the primary factor for this accident but also overwhelmed the ship. Its cargo today serves as a stunning scuba crash site in Dubai, UAE. It sits at a depth of 18 to 25 feet, and some of the aquatic animals you will see here are a number of nudibranchs and flatworms, as well as spotted eagles, torpedo rays, and yellowtail barracudas. A great spot to have the finest scuba diving experience in Dubai.

6. Zainab

Scuba Diving In Dubai

Certainly one of Dubai’s most popular scuba diving locations, Zainab is renowned for being one of this region’s biggest oil spills, along with the hard waves the ship could not battle. Over time it has been a warm habitat for marine animals of all kinds.

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Hope you can find your favorite Dubai scuba places on this page! So, gather your clothes, take some deep breaths, and jump into the pristine beaches. Visit Dubai and witness a land full of passion, fun, and exploration. Want to make it even better? Grab our Dubai Packages!


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