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6 Romantic Things To Do in Singapore

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While Singapore is a great place to visit, it is often rejected by honeymooners due to the extremely widespread belief that there are not enough intimate things to do for lovers in Singapore. I recognize that the region is not regarded as a haven for honeymoons, however, that doesn’t suggest it doesn’t continue to surprise people in relationships. There is indeed a lot to do here with your spouse, from visiting top tourism spots to energizing at a massage retreat, that will leave you spoilt for options. A selection of the greatest things to do with your lover in Singapore has been listed below. Take a close look at this page and redesign your travel plans for all of Singapore’s best dating events. Book Best Singapore International Tour Packages¬†& enjoy the 6 Romantic Things To Do in Singapore

Six Romantic Things To Do in Singapore

1. Dine-in a Unique Underwater Restaurant

Dine in a Unique Underwater Restaurant-compressed

The whole wall of the S.E.A Ocean Museum’s Ocean Restaurant is made of huge, translucent glass. A soft blue hue covers the entire restaurant. There is a group of marine creatures floating steadily in front of your face. You could enjoy them calmly while drinking red wine with roses and candles next to you. If you want to propose, you’re guaranteed to come out on top.

Not only does Ocean Restaurant look amazing, but it also serves excellent meals. “CatCora, the “Iron Lady” from the popular “Iron Chef” American reality show, is the cook. It predominantly focuses on seafood in the Mediterranean style and Asian styles. There seem to be around 60 Singapore dollars per individual for intimate meals, a luxury that can be afforded by most visitors.

2. Experience the Most Popular Night Life in Clarke Quay

Experience the Most Popular Night Life in Clarke Quay

Along the Singapore Canal, Clarke Quay, renovated from an old factory, has a wide number of restaurants, pubs, and stores. For regional Singaporeans, it is the most common venue for evening amusement. In Clarke Quay, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Jumbo Seafood, and G-Max Reverse Bungy can all be included. Bars, restaurants, and lively outdoor concerts make it a vibrant and exciting atmosphere for the entire happy hour here.

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3. Live in a Submarine Suite and Sleep with Fish

Live in a Submarine Suite and Sleep with Fish

The Equarius Hotel, situated in World Sentosa Singapore Resorts, seems to have an oceanfront accommodation with a wide window overlooking the water. This two-story guest house has a dining room and an outdoor garden, and there is a stylish ocean view hall in the accommodation downstairs. The switch at the edge of the bed is pressed, and the bright light on the walls pops up. You would then be able to watch the animals of the water swimming peacefully underwater.

However, this is also not the most stunning trait of your visit. At the front of the spectacular observation window, there is also a display bathtub located under the ground. From the ocean view apartment, dial in the professional manservant, and somebody will rush to individually launch it for you. When facing a stunning underground life, indulge in a relaxing hot water bath. You will love this amazing experience.

4. Enjoy a Candle-Lit Dinner on a Ferris Wheel

Enjoy a Candle-Lit Dinner on a Ferris Wheel

Situated in the Marina Bay district, the Singapore Flyer’s Ferris wheel has always been one of Singapore’s tourist attractions. It opens out over Marina Bay and the beautiful scenery that can be seen from all angles of neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. Reserve a dish and then you can indulge in the special boarding platform at Singapore Flyer Sky Dining. Savor the recently added four-course meal with high-quality cocktails in the luxurious and relaxing landscape observation rooms. Two options are on the table, plus concierge services and the breathtaking scenery of Marina Bay. Book Singapore Packages & enjoy the Romantic Things To Do in Singapore.

5. Dinner in the Air in a Transparent Cable Car

Dinner in the Air in a Transparent Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car connects Singapore Island to Sentosa’s Mount Faber. The uninterrupted view carriage offers you a complete overview of Singapore’s capital, waterfront, and then the whole of Sentosa Island. This is also the position in Singapore with the maximum wedding proposal probability of success. You will enjoy an interesting and unique air fine dining in a luxury room as long as you’re getting an air dinner arrangement. The dishes follow the room one after the other, revolving across the cableway, from the appetizers and pasta to champagne and hot chocolate. The private room belongs solely to the two persons who reside beneath the brilliant bright stars and over the refreshing sea. You are guaranteed to have an opportunity here that is unparalleled.

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6. Walk Hand in Hand on the Southernmost Tip of the Asian Continent

Walk Hand in Hand on the Southernmost Tip of the Asian Continent


Palawan Beach is west of Sentosa and is a resort. This used to be among the “In Time with You” sites for TV shows. It is Sentosa’s friendliest and most relaxing beach and among the most famous tourist entertainment beaches in Singapore. The suspension bridge over the Sea of Palawan that links to one part of the beach is the most enticing tourist destination on Palawan Beach. The southernmost end of the Asian continent and the position nearest to the equator in Asia would be the other end of the bridge. Rolling along the suspension bridge, you can enter the southernmost point of the Asian plateau and glimpse the magnificent South China Bay.

Book Singapore Packages & enjoy the 6 Romantic Things To Do in Singapore


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