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Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore

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Singapore has diverse alternatives for all the vegetarians and vegans to choose from, and you would not need to think about your diets here for a while. Restaurant owners make sure, at the best price, you get the best nutrition. For a food lover, it is more important to fulfill one’s appetite than to celebrate the holiday! So, below is a rundown of all of Singapore’s finest vegan and vegetarian eateries to keep you rejuvenated when exploring this fascinating region. If you want to go to Singapore for Singapore food? You should visit their Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore & Book Singapore International Packages.

1. Lotus Kitchen

Restaurants in Singapore

Lotus Kitchen is the Bes Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore. Meat-free dishes at Lotus Vegetarian have been infused with a stronger feeling. The path to developing the best flavors starts with the diligent step of harvesting and spewing customized formulas with perfect, organic produce. Lotus Vegetarian often actively reinvents its products, mixing herbs and greens that improve the foundation to produce fresh herbal recipes. These values are also embodied in Lotus Vegetarian values, like a lotus flower that represents the attributes of love, innocence, and dedication. The community of skilled chefs shows their steadfast contribution to mastering each dish and gently transmitting joy through food.

2. Loving Hut

Restaurants in Singapore

Loving Hut is a friendly vegan restaurant with a soulful environment in Singapore that provides outstanding cuisine made of 100 percent natural products. This vegan café ‘s comprehensive menu features nutritious recipes from tasty Asian foods such as Nyonya Laksa Lemak, Teochew Mee Pok, Almond Crumb Fillet, Skewer Teriyaki Organic Brown Rice, to Italian dishes such as Vegan Lasagna, to please each taste buds!

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3. Real Food

Restaurants in Singapore

If you decide to enjoy a meal in a quiet place, then Real Food is among the best, without even a hesitation. This Singapore vegan restaurant has grown to four branches and has continued to retain its creative vibe. They also pay heed, if you have any, to the allergic reactions. All the dishes are cooked fresh, but it could take a bit of time for the delivery. The best dishes in real food are said to be:  Millet Burger, Steamed Dumplings, Fruit Juice, Dumpling Soup, Fruit Rojak, and Organic Fried Rice.

Many of its branches offer enlightenment-like interior spaces and cuisine of all organic, mainly vegan and sometimes even gluten-free Asian and Western meals. Responsibly harvested and most sustainable products are used. Plant-based foods, such as Ginger Beetroot Kefir ($6) and dairy-free beverages such as Vanilla Quinoa Milk ($6.80), can be included in its drinks range.

4. Whole Earth

Restaurants in Singapore

Whole Earth is a Thai Restaurant in Peranakan that manufactures its very own seasoning. All the dishes provide a meaty taste and texture, but it turns out to mushroom when scrutinized. In this lovely vegan restaurant in Singapore, customers usually have a wide smile on their face when enjoying the titillating meal. The essence of the entire globe, as the founder says, would be that they make flavors of their own. So, delve into the special dishes and dig through the efforts of the chef to appeal to every palate.

On Peck Seah Lane, this Michelin Bib Gourmand holder offers up an interesting combination of vegetarian Thai and Peranakan dishes. The recently redesigned interior spaces feature emerald green columns, additional seating, and a stronger ventilation system, all of which, of course, is for your culinary delight. Request a couple of items to enjoy, but also be aware the Nonya curry ($21) is not overlooked. Including minced mushrooms resembling meatballs and potatoes, the delicious Peranakan style curry is provided. Sweet and savory ‘pork’ and fried handcrafted yam rings filled with capsicum, celery, cashew nuts, and king abalone mushrooms have other nutritious takes on zi char classics.

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5. Original Sin

Restaurants in Singapore

In Singapore, Original Sin is a Mediterranean vegan hotel, listed among the finest. It is situated in Chip Bee Gardens and over the years it has sustained outstanding efficiency. Established by Italian-Australian Marisa Bertocchi, it offers such a strong perception of cuisine that the absence of meat on the menu is not noticed by even nonvegetarians. The best dishes in this restaurant are said to be:  Mezze Platter, Bosco Mista, Veggie Lasagna, Tiramisu, Magic Mushroom, Porcini, Fritters, Risotto, Vegetable Tandoori.

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