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7 Best Lakes In Thailand

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An area is known for the long shoreline along which many of the world-renowned shores stand. The landscape is home to extensive ecological locations with a wide range of natural resources, like exotic plants and ferocious fauna. The territory of historic heritage sites thrives with Buddhism’s influential energy. The nation with its strange and lip-smacking meals and soothing massages. The Land of Smiles gives its guests one more excuse to come and relax. This is only because of Thailand’s quiet and peaceful water bodies and man-made lakes. So if you are sick with the same packed old holiday beaches, and therefore want to indulge yourself in the majesty of the oceans, here’s the alternative. Visit Thailand & enjoy the 7 best lakes In Thailand.

This list contains some of Thailand’s famed lakes with stunning views. You can find a more suitable way to see man-made lakes and dams that fulfil the objective of tourism as well. These Thai rivers and lakes promise you a nice time with friends, relatives as well as yourself. If you are ready to get started, grab our Cheap Thailand International Tour Packages for maximum fun and discounts.

Top 7 Lakes In Thailand


1. Cheow Lan Lake

Cheow Lan Lake

Thailand’s 185 square kilometres of the massive man-made lake is found in the Southern Gulf of Thailand region of Surat Thani. The above lake is really the consequence of the 1982 construction of the Rajjaprabha Dam on the Phra Saeng River. It began as a multi-functional project plan by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for the production of electricity, flood mitigation, and water supply for agriculture and fisheries for local regions. Take note of the regional plant and animal species of the Khao Sok National Park. Board kayaks or Thai ships for long trips on the lake.

2. Bueng Boraphet

Bueng Boraphet

Bueng Boraphet is Thailand’s largest synthetic freshwater lake, occupying approximately 224 square kilometres of central Thailand. It is one of the major areas where fishing operations are carried out in Thailand. Also with the discovery of the White-eyed River Martin birds, who were always seen here, this small freshwater lake came into view. Documents now show, although, that this bird species may have been lost.

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3. Nong Han Lake (Sakon Nakhon)

Nong Han Lake (Sakon Nakhon)

Throughout the thousand-year-old holy province of Sakon Nakhon, the biggest lake in North-East Thailand has always been Nong Han Lake. It occupies an area of 125.2 square kilometres. This freshwater lake is close to the surface enough to be at different stages, between 2 to a depth of 10 metres. It includes water that comes from the Nam Pung River. The whole lake is a big fishing location and the Puntius brevis is also a popular species of fish.

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4. Nong Han Lake (Kumphawapi, Udon Thani)

Nong Han Lake (Kumphawapi, Udon Thani)

This Nong Han Lake is popularly regarded as the “Red Lotus Lake” in the region of Udon Thani in North-East Thailand. Within that regional language, which correlates to “Red Lotus Pool,” this is also known as “Talay Bua Daeng.” if during December and March you plan to be in Thailand, then perhaps you should visit this lake without delay. Although the size of this lake really isn’t much, it provides a wonderful panoramic view with a height of 1 metre deep. Visit Thailand & enjoy the lakes in Thailand.

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5. Kwan Phayao LakeKwan Phayao Lake

If you want the pure mystical feeling of Buddhism, then maybe this lake is the ideal place for you to settle on your journey. Northern Thailand’s 1st big freshwater lake is now Thailand’s 4th largest natural water lake. The whole lake is a 19.80 square kilometre area filled by Ing River waters. It is the primary source of the water supply used mostly for irrigation and agricultural development for neighbouring towns. The plants in this lake are being used as animal feed. It is also home to 45 to 50 different fish species, offering a reasonably good fishing venue.

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6. Songkhla Lake – Thale Sap, Thale Noi and Thale Luang

Songkhla Lake – Thale Sap, Thale Noi and Thale Luang

The biggest natural freshwater lake in Thailand is the second lake on the list, which is basically a lagoon. Songkhla Lake occupies about 1082 square kilometres of area and is scattered over the Malay Peninsula regions of Songkhla and Phattalung. The curious thing about this lake is that this was a combination of bizarre structures with three separate bodies of water. These three rivers and lakes are Thale Sap, Thale Noi and Thale Luang, respectively. Visit Thailand & enjoy the lakes in Thailand.

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7. Bueng Si Fai Lake

Bueng Si Fai Lake

A delightful tourist destination, particularly for children, is Thailand’s third-largest freshwater lake, which sits in the centre of the region. Situated in the region of Phichit, the Nan River fills this Oxbow lake. For a pleasant adventure, this lake has a number of tourist experiences. Not just leisure or guided tours, but also photographers, it is a fantastic recreational activity to enjoy here and capture some outstanding pictures with the scenic snapshot of nature.

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