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Top 5 Lakes In Singapore

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Singapore is riddled with busy roads and filled with skyscrapers providing just the right space a traveler wants. The Lion City has it all, from the breathtaking reservoirs in Singapore to the lush green fields, and from the iconic landmarks to the spectacular skyscrapers. But there are plenty of lush green spots across the city, that encourage you to blow off some steam after a day of exploration or retail. For this intention, while you are in town, consider planning to visit some of Singapore’s most popular lakes which are the best Lakes In Singapore as a must-do item on your list of places to explore during your vacation. If you want to go to Singapore for the top 5 lakes? Don’t wait & Book Best Singapore International Vacation Packages at the best prices.

1. Symphony Lake

Lakes In Singapore

Singapore Botanic Gardens is arguably one of Singapore’s most popular tourist destinations. Symphony Lake is one of three spectacular underwater garden lakes. Situated in the center core of the Singapore Botanic Garden, it boasts a wide stage named the Shaw Foundation Symphony Level, constructed on a lake-side islet. The stage is better known for being the location for the regular SSO in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s open-concept concerts in Park. Singapore’s Symphony Lake is a beautiful spot to travel to anytime you want to avoid the noise and metropolitan rush.

2. MacRitchie Reservoir

Lakes In Singapore

If you are a nature lover, you can appreciate visiting both the MacRitchie Reservoir and the MacRitchie River. They also provide a wide array of enjoyable leisure activities to experience throughout your stay. The pool is indeed a perfect location for water sports fans and pedestrians alike. It is the best place to visit if you are exploring inside the town of Singapore with kids or a bunch of friends searching for adventure. It has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for colleges and universities to host cross-country competitions, with distinction to becoming the first reservoir in Singapore. You ought to go canoeing or kayaking, biking on its picturesque 11-km path loop named MacRitchie Trails.

3. Swan Lake

Lakes In Singapore

Swan Lake in Singapore is a wide body of water flowing along a stretch of the expanse of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. You certainly should not skip this when you tour the Tanglin Core Botanic Gardens at the gateway to Tyersall Lane. Swan Lake, formerly known as the Main Lake or First Dam, and constructed in 1866, is the earliest ornamental water feature of Singapore. It is adorned with a pair of silent Amsterdam Swan lakes. Also, make sure to look more carefully at the beautiful and exquisitely carved bronze sculpture entitled Flight of Swans, which shows swans taking to the sea. Built-in 2006, the sculpture is positioned right in the middle of Swan Lake, contributing to its charm.

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4. Bedok Reservoir

Lakes In Singapore

If you are on a road to Bedok New Place, you probably will rest at Bedok Reservoir Singapore. It is considered one of the greatest locations you can visit while in Singapore. The reservoir, popular with visitors, is the ideal location for those who want to engage in leisure activities such as kayaking and dragon-boating. Bedok Reservoir is also a perfect location if you are merely searching for a picturesque spot to enjoy some relaxing time. The grounds of the reservoir provide spectacular views of the wonders of nature. If you want an amazing view of Bedok Reservoir, you certainly should not skip going to the floating deck – another of the items for which the reservoir is well regarded.

5. Jurong Lake

Lakes In Singapore

Jurong Lake is arguably one of the most popular lakes in Singapore and an experience that attracts countless foreign and local tourists day in day out. The freshwater lake and reservoir were designed mainly to support the nation as a supplemental supply of water. The lake is enclosed by a park constructed in 2006 and Jurong Lake Park, creating it a place of great interest for persons of different ages. It is a wonderful place to explore. Jurong Lake also boasts a variety of tourism destinations including a Japanese Garden and a Chinese Garden. You should make your way to the Science Centre, situated at the Jurong Country Club after taking in the stunning views of Lake Jurong.

Such reservoirs and bodies of water in Singapore are among some of the top destinations you should not skip on your trip through the Lion Area, making a crucial part of your vacation. Therefore, to make sure you do not skip any of these incredible encounters, book one of Singapore’s personalized vacation packages, and make traveling exciting and convenient!

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