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8 Famous Places to Explore on Thailand Tour Package

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Thailand Tour Package

Be it people traveling with families or large groups or traveling with their respective partners, Thailand trip is a full-fledged experience on its own because it serves something for everyone from an old man to a small kid. Thailand is one of the most desired destinations among tourists, never disappoints anyone as there is a lot to achieve in terms of exploring and experiencing travel on a different level. Apart from being popular for its beautiful beaches and glamorous nightlife, Thailand is a fabulous family holiday destination laden with unique history and attractions to get relish. The happening destination also offers a lot of picturesque spots to plan a honeymoon trip with the love of your life and discover calm and soothing views with these most gorgeous scenic views of all the time. You can choose from our wide-ranging collection of Thailand holiday packages and experience true rejuvenation, witness its lush green jungles, untouched beaches, A-class diving, and mouth-watering food in our Thailand tour packages. You can visit here & explore the popular places on Thailand Tour Package.

1. Phuket

Thailand Holiday Package

Phuket is among the world’s most mesmerizing beach destinations, with silvery-white sands, palm trees, sparkling seas, and lively people. Your Phuket tour package will transport to a world full of wondrous journeys across sun-kissed beaches, lush green rainforests, and mountains. And the interesting part about Thailand tour packages is that this beach town has to offer something for everybody. The perfect time to visit Phuket between November and April, when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities, such as boating and swimming. The place is considered to be an apt location for young couples and honeymooners.

2. Bangkok

Thailand Holiday Package

There would not be any single person on this earth who would not know about “City of Angels”, Bangkok and the kind of experience you are going to live is unforgettable. , City is already a hit among travelers choosing Bangkok tour packages generally well- renowned for quirky nightlife and Thai massages. November and December are considered the best time to visit Bangkok when the city is coming out from the monsoon season and having a slight cool down. With this Thailand Holiday Package, you and your better half are going to have an unmatchable and astounding experience.

3. Pattaya

Pattaya tour package

The stunning tropical beaches with turquoise crystal clear sea waters showcase for a perfect day by the beach with options for multiple water sports adventure. Our Pattaya tour package or Thailand Tour Package at exciting deals curated for you, your family and friends promise you the opportunity to discover beautiful Thailand and its extraordinary culture and history. You must plan you visit Pattaya is from November to February when the weather is pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold and remains delightful most of the time.

4. Chiang Mai

thailand honeymoon package

Chiang Mai is a house of magical mountains and vibrant colorful hill tribes, a wild platform for seasoned travelers, a paradise for shoppers and ecstasy for adventurers. The perfect time to plan for a visit to Chiang Mai is from October- April. Whether it is clothing, souvenirs, art, and handicrafts from the splendid Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, you can get the best souvenirs and buy anything for you and your loved ones.

5. PAI

Pai thailand tour package

This breathtaking picture-perfect tiny town is settled approximately midway between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son is a desirable destination for the travelers. A beauty nestled deep in a valley, outlined by the array of magnetic mountains; Pai is a living dream on its own. You can do nothing or just get lost in the alluring beauty of nature.

6. Ayutthaya

thailand holiday package

The ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most mind-blowing ruined places in Asia and a mandatory destination to visit for history buffs if you are in Thailand. The Menam, Lopburi, and Pasak rivers ring Ayutthaya Historical Park, the island where the maximum of the temple ruins lie. Wandering through this booming ancient city will make you experience like you’ve been transported to the past. Besides exploring all the temple ruins, You can get indulge in biking through old Portuguese, British, French and Dutch quarters. Give yourself good two days to explore all the tourist attractions and absorb history in the best way you can.

7. Khao Phing Kan

thailand vacation package

Ko Khao Phing Kan, it is also famous with the name of Khao Phing Kan and, for the people who are not aware that Island is also known as“James Bond Island”, is part of Ao Phang Nga National Park in Phang Nga Bay. The rich vegetation, crystal blue water, and silent ocean caves listed it among Thailand’s most magnificent locations. Spend a day exploring the place on a boat tour, You can opt to get round in a lavish boat, a traditional junk, or a longtail boat; plan canoeing or kayaking around the limestone caves, mangrove forests, and beaches of Thai Island and Khao Phing Kan; and visit the floating Muslim fishing village of Ko Panyi. Grab your Thailand vacation packages for your trip to Thailand and avail the maximum fun to make your vacation more memorable.

8. Coral Island

Thailand Holiday Package

Coral Island, referred to locally as Koh Hae, is a wonderful hideout around 3 km southeast of Phuket. The island has two significant shorelines: Long Beach and Banana Beach. If you are looking for an exhilarating experience of snorkeling in Banana beach. In the event that you go out far enough from Long Beach, you will definitely get a glimpse of coral reefs. The Island is mesmerizingly tranquil at night but a little warm with the crowd during day time. If you are a person who enjoys solitude, then book your Thailand holiday packages to wallow into peace at both the ends of beaches. With our customized Thailand Tour Packages, you may delve into the exotic lunch at the most opulent resorts on the stunning Island.

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