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5 Best Things to Do in Krabi

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There are places where the spirit is redeemed, charmed, and made to swoon at the thought of exploring them. One such spot is the region of Krabi on the west coast of southern Thailand, suitable for discovering wanderlusts. In Krabi, there are some wonderful things that will give you a much-deserved respite from the hustle and bustle of city culture.

Take a revitalizing ride to Krabi that involves the nicest options to do and activities for exploration. And when you’re gathering lifetime impressions, don’t lose out on the amazing Krabi tourist destinations. The region has breathtaking coastline views of soaring limestone cliffs, gentle pristine beaches, tiny inlets, and islands inland that will have you in admiration of this magnificent island! Book Thailand Packages at the best prices.

Top 5 Things to Do When you Visit Krabi


1. Go to Chicken Island and Enjoy the Sun

Go to Chicken Island and Enjoy the Sun

Some people think that this location, known as the Magic Island, represents the face of a chicken, whereas others think it’s something of an ax-handle-but it’s been compared by tourists to Popeye the Sailor. Par for the course of this part of southern Thailand, the mountainous walls encourage people in many different contexts: enjoying the sun, swimming in the sea breeze, strolling along the silvery-white shores, or soaking in the infinite tropical landscape. You can hang out under a coconut palm afternoon, plunge into the loveliest of blue waters, play about with the birds, or explore Southeast Asia’s exotic environment. With speckled coral reefs and multicolored tropical fish beneath the waves, the sea is pleasant and open.

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2. Get in Touch with Tropical Cartoon Fish

Get in Touch with Tropical Cartoon Fish

This is the biggest of the island chains around Koh Poda and is situated less than 20 minutes away by speedboat, 20 kilometers south of Koh Lanta. The island has been designed into a chicken shape due to the mystical ways of mother earth. For swimming, the calm and clean waters around the island are ideal. Hot and transparent seas spanning the entire island are a great place to swim, and you have the chance to visit the majestic tropical fish or to dive in the stunning coral reefs for unforgettable views. Towards the far end of the platform, the monkeys occasionally visit these places and they are often fed by local people.

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3. Go to Koh Lanta for Beautiful Outback Views

Go to Koh Lanta for Beautiful Outback Views

There are 52 islands in the Koh Lanta area, which are increasingly expanding into an incredibly popular mid-range attraction. Here there are returning cruises to Koh Phi Phi for visitors, and even some boats for different trips to Phuket.

Koh Lanta is a seaside resort, but if you’re bored of the beach, there were still plenty of sights worthy of experiencing inside. The island is super fascinating. The key harbor for entry to Koh Lanta is Ban Sala Dan in the north of the island. You can also discover Koh Lanta’s traditional education and hipster atmosphere on the shores in the southwest. The beautiful beaches are in this section. Going south along the eastern coast, you arrive near Lanta’s old town.

It can also be noticed that the more south you’re going, the louder it is. Koh Lanta National Park, surrounded by great waters, is at the southernmost edge of the island. North of Krabi is Koh Hong or Hong Island.

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4. Canoeing on Hong Island

Canoeing on Hong Island

In Thai, “Hong” means “room” and the island originates that attribution to the fact that there is a reservoir on the north side where an internal jungle opens the doors, entering by ferry, along with a small bay surrounded by limestone hills that appears just like a house that has been naturally created. Mangrove trees flourish all along the edge of the lake, the gentle waves lap gently, and it’s impossible not to feel comfortable when you travel by tourist ferry, long-tail cruise, or canoe as you scoop up the nearly unearthly serenity.

Paradise among Novice divers. On the west side of Koh Hong, with the exception of this bay, there seems to be a broader one where the pristine white sand is smooth and fine, ideal for a walk or sun soak, and the pure seawater offers pure enjoyment if you dive, snorkel or paddle your canoe. There are a rich atmosphere and minimal visitor activity on the island, so you can settle down and indulge it at your pleasure.

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5. Walk Through Krabi Town and Experience the Rich Local Style

Walk Through Krabi Town and Experience the Rich Local Style

The quiet, relaxed pace town of Krabi sits where another River Krabi reaches the sea. There is a shuttle service heading out of the terminal that will take you to the city in about 30 minutes. Its pleasant environment is the most adorable feature of the city: the quiet and elegant Krabi River runs through it, full of large expanses of mangrove forest and the myriad of monkeys and wild creatures that dwell within them. On the water, aquafarms breed all kinds of strange and marvelous fish that spark the imagination of tourists.

With such a wide variety of culinary delights from which to choose, a satisfying waterside walk is enticing. Snacking is easy in Krabi town and there are lots to choose between. Food and lodging are cheap, but housing is mainly minimal and designed specifically for those that are looking for refueling and resting their eyes before boarding the ship the very next day.

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The most pleasant area of Thailand is Krabi, which has the most gorgeous white, scenic beaches along the shores of a jungle and around 200 islands. It is a region which has the most spectacular scenes. Krabi is very big, so many attractions take you on a lot of journeys, but if you look closely, everything is beautiful so it does not matter. The great season to visit is November and April, because the weather in Southern Thailand is erratic, but you can still find plenty to do with several spots open all year round.

The Krabi airport provides more destinations and planes than it has ever been, so come and discover Krabi’s finest!!

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